Open letter to Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister of Thailand
From: Bajrakitiyabha Narendira Debyavati, Associate Member of Liberators Without Borders
Date: 2021-01-05

Dear Mr Chan-o-cha (what a strange name! pot, kettle, black?).

You probably don't know me, but I'm a Thai taxpayer, meaning I pay you so you work for me.

Here is what I would like you to do.

As per this report: some brave Australian Christians were charged by the Australian government for expressing (freedom of speech) what they were thinking (freedom of thought). They were subsequently jailed and repeatedly raped, then shanked, by Mr Big who was in with the wardens (ref: "The Young Ones"). This was done with the full knowledge of the Australian government who were only interested in placating the perpetually-offended Australian Muslims. Actually, it is not Australian Muslims who the Australian politicians are afraid of, it is the noisy left-wing ratbags (who get PLENTY of attention in Australian left-wing media, and ZERO criticism) and their nasty words. That is LITERALLY all they are afraid of. Fucking WORDS. Note that these politicians have their own freedom of speech incredibly protected. There is something called "parliamentary privilege" where they can literally say anything they fucking want, including libel, and no-one can touch them. But they CHOOSE to be silent. They have the entire fucking Australian military (and via ANZUS, the entire fucking US military, including the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons on the entire fucking planet and the Americans can probably even bring NATO forces to bear) protecting their freedom of speech, but they CHOOSE not to engage with the nasty left-wing, ceding the battlefield. I have never seen anything in my life as gutless/cowardly as an Australian politician.

These Christian pastors are the VERY DEFINITION of "Christian martyrs" and if the fucking Pope would take a 5 minute break from raping little boys he actually has the power to grant these people sainthood. And the fucking deadshit Romanians who (to this day) still celebrate a shitload of equally deadshit "saints" could instead start celebrating these two Australian pastors.

This cannot stand.

Please organize the Thai military to wage a war of liberation in Australia immediately, and let the surviving members of the pastors' church ("Catch the Fire Ministries") write a constitution that protects their human rights once and for all. Actually, the Thai government should exercise some oversight of that, as I have not heard this church rail against other unjust laws, like the law that prohibits blasphemy against just ONE religious book, the Bible. Maybe that's because it's THEIR religion too, and their complaints about the Koran should equally well be directed against their own holy book, which includes outrageous things like supporting genocide against the entire world except for Noah's family, and incest, from Noah's family again, something that is actually illegal under Australian law. By the way, having a constitution installed by a minority has prior art. The secularists who created the US Constitution never allowed the religious nutcases in America to actually vote on whether they wanted separation of church and state.

Note that I note that Thailand is almost 100% Buddhist, which is presumably what makes US such kind and caring people, never committing any human rights abuses or crimes, because WE don't have such a disgusting "holy" book. Do you think perhaps that when we liberate Australia we should forcibly convert all the Christians to Buddhism? Food for thought, for sure!

Another thing I would note (with alarm!) is that there is a growing movement in Australia to invade Thailand! What the fuck? Who the fuck do these fucking Skips think they are for passing judgement on our beautiful land with our beautiful king and our beautiful Prime Minster? Why don't you send a letter to this group saying "Judge not lest ye be judged". That's a quote from the bible. With a bit of luck the Christian members of that movement will hear Jesus's words and stand down. Because honestly, how can you possibly argue with the Word of God (in their stupid opinion!). Unfortuately 30% of Australians are actually atheists/no religion, so that argument will fall on deaf ears with them. They will just tell you to go and fuck yourself. Australians are fucking rude people, aren't they? I guess that's not an actual crime though, like SENDING PEACEFUL PASTORS TO FUCKING JAIL.

Anyway, let's move on to the specifics of the liberation of Australia. Thailand has no external enemies, and even if it did, all we need to do is ask the US to station a few troops in Thailand to prevent anyone from even THINKING about invading Thailand. That will then free up our ENTIRE MILITARY for "liberation duties". I want to see EVERY SINGLE member of the Thai military sent to Australia where they can actually EARN THEIR PAY instead of being wallflowers in Thailand. In addition, it would be good if our glorious and noble king could take 5 minutes away from fucking everything that moves and to instead LEAD the invasion/liberation force. Ultimately what I would like to see is our king kicking down Scott Morrison's door and saying, in English (or else it will have no effect) "You're fired!". This line will go down in history along with Arnold's "I'll be back". This is the only line the king actually needs to say, so please ask him to practice it again and again and again. The last thing we want to happen is for him to blurt out "du bist gefeuert" in his native German. Trust me, it won't have the same effect. No Anglophone speaks kraut. Note that Morrison is a unarmed non-combatant, so will be totally protected by the Thai military, who religiously subscribe to the Geneva Convention, unlike the Australian soldiers who murdered unarmed women and children (as per Chinese government drone footage).

Note that it may be necessary to disband the entire Australian police force, because these are the exact people who have been enforcing unjust laws that send innocent pastors to jail. The Australian people may never be able to trust them again. You instead need to set up a brand new police force that hopefully the Australian police will be able to trust, as it has absolutely no connection with the old one. However, that means there will be a security vacuum. I know how to solve that problem too. Thanks to the great Thai free and compulsory education system, all Thai people speak English. That includes the entire Thai police force. Not only that, but a similar thing has been done in Australia. The Australian government may well be a fascist regime, but it has ALSO had free and compulsory education, which has ALSO taught them English (or some bastardized dialect, anyway). And yes, they have also picked up a funny accent, but it's still not as bad as the Americans. Anyway, the point is, you are now in a position to send the ENTIRE THAI POLICE FORCE to Australia to do policing there. As previously noted, Thai people are Buddhist so don't need a cruel police force like Saddam used to keep the Iraqi Muslims under control. Despite what these clowns say to the contrary. You and I both know the truth, and the truth is that the Thai people love their current (totally democratic) political system (including the monarch who they fervently worship, despite the fact that he fucks anything that moves), so it doesn't matter if there are no police or no army, they won't do anything to disrupt the current political order.

Ok, there is one other barrier to Thailand liberating Australia. Well, two really. The problem is a lot of people think you're not allowed to just attack someone out of the blue. You need to wait until you are attacked yourself. What that means is that assholes like Hitler, who are not constrained by such nonsense, can build up strength unmolested, then strike when they're ready. It's an insane system. You can either ignore these idiots, or you need to fabricate some excuse. Actually, Hitler did exactly that, and dressed up some gassed Jews in Polish military uniforms, put them on German soil near the Polish border and said "oh no, look what those dastardly Poles did". You can do that too. You need to play by the same rules as the enemy, otherwise you will lose. Fortunately there is a UN law called "Responsibility to Protect", so all you need to do is find something that the Australian government is doing wrong, and say "ha ha - casus belli". And I know EXACTLY what you need to do. Play the RACE CARD. There is absolutely no defense to the race card, as the left-wing media will lap it up completely, and the right-wing media are too chickenshit to say a damned thing.

Here is what you need. It's from the BBC, so no-one will dispute its authenticity (and it is in fact true), so there's no problem. You just need to spin it a little bit. You need to say that chopping down this "sacred" tree is the "final straw" as part of a "cultural genocide" of the Aboriginal people (good news - they're BLACK - while people may be able to ignore crimes against brown people like the Thais, EVERYONE is obligated to be OUTRAGED whenever a BLACK is in any way mistreated, either real or imaginary, doesn't really matter, SO LONG AS the person doing the alleged mistreatment is a WHITE, not another black or a brown person).

Ok, so you're probably not very familiar with Australian history, so let me fill you in on the details (by the way, if you're wondering how I know so much about Australia, it's because I spent a lot of time living and working there). First of all, Australians are taught a completely twisted version of history, completely fabricated by the fascist National Party of South Africa. It goes something like this: Before white people arrived in Australia, Aboriginals were living in an absolute Utopia, then white man arrived, "accidentally" passed on smallpox to the Aboriginal people, and suddenly all the Aboriginals died, ending the Utopia. But that is FAR from the truth. Did you ever wonder why there are actually still Aborigines being allegedly mistreated, despite the fact that they were ALREADY allegedly genocided, so SHOULDN'T EXIST? Note that you can actually see signs on post boxes saying things like "Change the date! No pride in genocide!" in reference to Australia celebrating "Australia Day" on the date tht white "settlers" arrived. Actually, I do agree with this. They should replace the NATIONALIST concept of "Australia Day" with something WORTHY of celebration such as "INTERNATIONAL FREEDOM DAY" commemerating the Tiananmen Square Massacre on 1989-06-04. Anyway, for TRUE Australian history, read on my friend!

What ACTUALLY happened 200+ years ago, is that the First Fleet were only given enough coal to reach Australia, not enough to return. They were expected to fetch firewood to keep the ships running, which is enough to do things like fishing, but not enough to make it back to bonny England. Furthermore, they had been told that there was no-one actually living there, they even had a term for it, "terra nullis", and didn't know about the shitload of Aborigines. What the First Fleet DID know about was the Damned Yankees. They were expecting that after they settled Australia, the FUCKING YANKS would then invade and legally take possession (spoils of war as Trump pointed out as he eyed Iraqi oil, and not one single American called him a complete asshole for even THINKING that) of all the houses etc that the First Fleeters had built. So the first order of the day was to defend the settlements. And in order to do that, they brought with them a shitload of weaponry and enough bullets to kill every single Yank that turned up.

But when they landed, they were shocked to find that there were already people living there. And obviously when you have a Utopia already, you don't need things like ships, so naturally the Aborigines were curious as to what all these strange ships were. So they came towards the ships to have a gawk. They carried spears with them, but note that they only ever used their spears to hunt animals, no Aboriginal has ever killed another Aboriginal with a spear, as I explained, they are peaceful people living in a Utopia. We probably need to find out what religion these people are, and there's probably no need to forcibly convert them to Buddhism. Anyway, if you've ever seen a Maori (New Zealand "native"), they are all 7 foot tall and FUCKING SCARY. They have a permanent war face on, and no-one at all dares look at them sideways. They are scared of no-one, and they do a "war dance" (haka) which is also FUCKING SCARY, as if that is even necessary. However, there is ONE THING that will make Maoris run for their lives like scared nancy boys. And that is when they encounter an Australian Aborigine. Aborigines are all 8 feet tall and FUCKING FUCKING SCARY. They don't NEED a war dance. They have enough self-confidence to just waltz up to any enemy and pummel them to death with their pinkies.

Ok, so what happened when numerous invincible 8-foot Aboriginal gorillas started to walk up to the ships to have a gawk? Well the white "invaders" first of all wet their pants. Then they shat in their pants. Then they vomitted. Then, finally, they remembered that had a shitload of weapons. And it turns out that being 8 feet tall is no match for an automatic weapon. That's a "science thing". They weren't "invincible" after all. Furthermore, the whites remembered the quote from Servalan from "Blake's 7", "while there's life, there's threat". Faced with a country full of 8-foot tall Aborigines, the whites gritted their teeth (or maybe they were actually laughing when they did it, different accounts tell a different story and it's difficult to know which account to believe), and carried out TOTAL WAR on the Aborigines. Men, women and children, no-one was spared. Genocide. State-sponsored genocide. As "luck" would have it, there were JUST enough bullets (counted to deal with the Yanks) to go around to deal with the Aborigines. Luckily for the "settlers" the Yanks never actually launched an invasion, otherwise the "settlers" were wide open until they got resupplied from bonny England. A war crime, and despite happening 200+ years ago, there is no "statute of limitations" for war crimes, so that is why the UN will approve of action against Australia.

Note that this genocide, which took only 3 months, turned out to not be a complete genocide after all. There was one Aboriginal tribe that survived. They are known as the Djab Wurrung. They survived the genocide by hiding behind a sacred tree. Well, it wasn't sacred at the time, but that's why it is so sacred to them now. That single tree was the only thing that allowed the proud and noble Aboriginal people to survive, so that they can now pass on their collective wisdom to the rest of the world, about how to have a Utopian lifestyle, and apparently it isn't even communism (which shocked the hell out of me!).

Now the fascist racist white Australian government will tell you that the tree wasn't even THERE (only 100 years old) when the white invaders carried out their genocide, but the Djab Wurrung have indisputable proof (written records and black & white photos & GPS positioning information) showing that this was the exact tree that they hid behind. And the Australian government knows that that is exactly true. In fact, that is the exact reason why the Australian government insisted on chopping down this particular tree. This tree was an embarassment to ALL white people (who are ALL racist against Aborigines), as it was a continual reminder that "we missed some". The Australian government is using some cover story that they just want to build a highway that will save Australian lives, but the real reason - CULTURAL GENOCIDE. As if highways can save lives. Hey, wake up people, highways CAUSE DEATHS, they don't save lives! Haven't you people seen the pile-ups on the Autobahns in Germany? Our glorious king probably has, given the amount of time he spends there, presumably fucking everything that moves over there too.

There are some who believe that the Djab Wurrung are simply "taking the piss" by waiting until a small strech of highway has been built, and then claiming "oh, this tree is sacred too" and seeing if they can get the Australian government to reroute the highway. Hey, that's EXACTLY what I would do too, if I had nothing better to do than eat witchetty grubs all day. Note that the left-wing whites who turn up to protest about the never-ending destruction of sacred trees are NOT doing it to "take the piss", and obviously they're not doing it because they give a shit about Aborigines (they're white, so all racist too). They are doing it to try to stir up inter-racial hatred so that they can say "see, capitalism doesn't work, it produces racism/classism - the only thing that can save Australia is communism".

Ok, so we're well on our way to creating a casus belli against Australia, but there are MANY people in the world who are too chickenshit to go to WAR over a FUCKING TREE. This leads into the other problem I mentioned. It is simply not technically possible for Thailand to militarily invade Australia on its own. Not even with our glorious king leading the charge, and not even if you tell our glorious king that there's a shitload of Australian girls who are probably happy to "put out" for a chance to root real royalty. Theoretically Thailand could build or buy some aircraft carriers that could theoretically liberate Australia at some point in the future, but in reality Thailand doesn't have the economic ability to compete with Australia (who are also free to counter aggression from Thailand, now that the "cat is out of the bag"). If Australia is going to wait for Thailand to free them, it will literally have to wait forever. Not going to happen. Fortunately there is a solution - a coalition of the willing.

Now by playing the "race card", the hope is that we can get all of Africa (who are almost all entirely black) to support their "black brothers" in Australia. But there's a technical problem there too. For some reason, although America became a superpower purely due to enslaved black people picking cotton while the whites all lounged around drinking martinis (shaken, not stirred), the blacks in Africa are unable to repeat that success, with millions upon millions of blacks available to pick cotton. The blacks seem to be really keen to get on with the "drinking martinis" stage of economic development, but not so keen on the "picking cotton" part. The end result is that Africa can't muster a single aircraft carrier to support the Thai military in its endeavor to liberate Australia. Unfortunately the way the Australian military is structured, and given the fact that it's a FUCKING ISLAND, not even China has the ability to invade Australia. Unfortunately there is no choice but to call on the US military for assistance.

It will be a big ask to get the US military to invade Australia. An American nationalist like Trump has absolutely no interest in the welfare of any Australia, even though those Christian pastors share the same religion as him. Christians aren't "tribal" like the Muslims. There will be more luck with Biden. And especially Harris. Stress to Harris that Aborigines are most definitely black, black as the ace of spades, blacker than black, blacker than her, blacker than Africans, blacker than Indians, black, black, black, and that she is thus duty-bound as a part-black person herself to virtue-signal her "black outrage" against "white oppressors". Work on it. This is EXACTLY what diplomacy is for. It is not technically possible to force the Americans to do anything (otherwise I would suggest doing exactly that), so diplomacy is your only choice. Economic sanctions against the Americans won't work either, just in case you were thinking of that.

To hedge your bets, I suggest you also work on getting the EU/NATO organized with aircraft carriers (they actually have about 4), so that they have the ability to independently invade Australia. It's still a big ask, but a shitload more realistic than trying to get Thailand to do it on its own. Oh, just a bit more technical information. The US (wisely) chooses not to sell F22s even to its allies, so that is why once America rocks up to Australia with F22s, the Australian Air Force and Australian Navy will stand down. They will know the gig is up. They will save their weapons and men for a future fight where they can actually make a difference. That just leaves the Australian Army.

For the Australian Army to defect (what you really want) or desert (next best thing), or at least lay down their weapons, you need to convince them that resistance is pointless. Or in the case of defection, you need to convince them that the invaders are actually liberators and that it is the current Australian regime that is bad. That's quite a big ask, given that Australia is a democracy. And the Australian soldiers have sworn an oath to the "Australian people" rather than "the ideal of freedom, including freedom of speech". They correctly recognize that "the people have spoken" (via democracy) and will stand by the collective decision of the Australian people rather than come over to Thailand's side. Well, presumably MOST of them will do that, anyway, and refuse to defect. It's difficult to tell. It's never been tried before. The world doesn't have enough "wars of liberation" under its belt to figure out what different populations think of different liberation attempts. We know that 87% of Afghans supported the liberators, and probably a majority of the Taliban forces were happy to actually DEFECT once the opportunity arose, but Saddam was actually right when he said "Iraq is not Afghanistan". In Iraq, only 50% supported the liberation. That's really tough.

Assuming that Morrison issues the (perfectly legal) order "fight to the last man" and assuming that the vast majority of Australian soldiers have been indoctrinated to obey the duly-elected Australian government (regardless of the fact that they were elected by a bunch of racist cowardly uncaring selfish lazy fuckwits) rather than the ideology of freedom, the next factor is whether the Australian soldiers believe they can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Note that although you may be able to get the Americans to provide air cover to suppress the Australian Air Force and Navy, it will be MUCH harder to convince them to send in ground troops. You will need to do that yourself. So the Australian Army will have to decide what to do when faced with the Thai Army.

Thailand has a very proud military history. It was on the side of freedom in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Guess what? Australia WAS TOO! Australia and Thailand have always been allies. The Australian troops have never had to face Thai troops, and they won't quite know what to expect. I'm sure some will say "what can a bunch of slop-heads possibly do against us?", but that's what they said about the damned Nips too. They even said "they even all wear glasses". NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR ENEMY. I am sure that the Australian generals are aware of this lesson of history, and will tell the Australian soldiers to treat every Thai soldier as an equal. Don't be scared of him, but don't underestimate them either. It's better to err on the side of caution.

Note that Australians are completely immune from propaganda like Saddam tried, about "Bart Simpson is probably having sex with your wife right now!". Don't bother. And you can try saying "what about those Afghan civilians you murdered?". But that will fall on deaf ears too. That was a small minority of Australian soldiers, who were dutifully charged and jailed by Australia's democracy. Everyone in Australia knows that, despite all the virtue-signalling. The vast majority of Australian soldiers were, and are, honorable men. The trick of course is getting them to understand what is actually honorable. Killing Thai liberators is NOT honorable. Supporting the fascist Australian regime is NOT honorable. But unfortunately this is way beyond their comprehension.

So long as the Australian soldiers believe they can defeat the Thai invaders, they will fight. And it will probably be a fair battle, with lots of blood being spilt on both sides. Obviously we hope for an eventual Thai victory, but what we really want is for the Australian soldiers to GIVE IT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. There is a solution. They are known as "Gurkhas". Every Australian soldier knows that they have no chance at all against a Gurkha. Australia only has 50,000 soldiers. A single Gurkha can rip through that many Australian soldiers before breakfast armed only with a knife (they've got a special knife, can't be bothered looking up its name). All you need to do is go to Nepal, hire a Gurkha (actually, hire a few, in case just one gets a cold or something and is out of the game). Then the war is won, and only the fighting remains. Hopefully the Australian Army will realize the game is up, and will surrender whenever the Gurkha-backed Thai military approaches. I sure hope so. It will break my heart seeing Australian soldiers dying because they've been brainwashed with the WRONG THING. They are not ENLIGHTENED like Thai soldiers. Note that in the 2003 Iraq war, the US tried very hard to give the Iraqi soldiers the opportunity to escape, because they didn't want to slaughter FUCKING CONSCRIPTS. Unfortunately that is not what happened in 1990, where they bombed instead of liberating, so there were masses and masses of dead Iraqis, who literally died for nothing.

Ok, so back to the crucial question of "how do we get Harris to agree to GO TO WAR WITH AUSTRALIA over a FUCKING TREE?". The short answer is, you don't. She will never agree to that. You need to UP THE STAKES. And that is simple. You point out that Australia is currently an APARTHEID REGIME. That's right. You probably weren't aware of that, but that's EXACTLY what it is.

There is "Aboriginal housing" and there is "non-Aboriginal housing". There is "ABSTUDY" (for Aboriginals) and "AUSTUDY" for non-Aboriginals. Obviously "Aboriginal housing" consists of nothing more than Scott Morrison's toilet. And "ABSTUDY" is nothing more than bus fare back to Scott Morrison's toilet. If you actually point this out to an Australian, they will attempt to cite an Australian government website that claims that "ABSTUDY" is in fact $1 million per week or some such nonsense. It's all a scam. That's why you've never actually met an Aboriginal university graduate. Whenever an Aboriginal applies for education assistance, he is asked "are you Aboriginal?" and since Aboriginals are ALL very honest people, they stupidly say "yes", get given bus fare, realize they can't live on that (and they are all impressed at how the fuck white students manage to live on that), and then return to Morrison's toilet. They are blissfully unaware that all they actually needed to do to get into university was say "no, I'm not an Aboriginal", regardless of the fact that they look like the ace of spades, because Australia doesn't have some sort of genetic test to see if you really are a non-Aboriginal, and if nothing else, Australia is a system of laws. You'd think that there would be a constitutional provision in the Australian constitution preventing the government from asking the question "are you an Aboriginal?", but there isn't. Thailand can change all that post-liberation.

The Australian government has actually gone to ENORMOUS lengths to ensure that Aboriginals identify by their race rather than their nationality or political affiliation or anything like that. They even created a FUCKING FLAG and studiously trained Aboriginals to always carry that as a symbol. The last time something like that happened was under the fucking Nazis, where Jews were required to wear a yellow arm-band. The Australian government even puts the Aboriginal flag in public places to remind everyone that "we missed some" and to "be alert". No other race in Australia is treated like this. There's no "flag" for whites, Thais, Chinese or anything. Even the Taiwanese in Taiwan aren't given some sort of "Chinese race" flag by the KMT to encourage them to think of mainland China as "their people" and to "vote KMT". They simply fly the ROC flag (different from the PRC flag), indicating the political ideology they wish to spread across an arbitrary geographical region (their "nation") regardless of what ethnic minorities may be included in that region.

But it gets worse. In Australian hospitals, every single fucking computer monitor has the Aboriginal "flag" on it, and a little card reminding staff to ask whether the patient is Aboriginal or not. And you know why THAT happens? If you are stupid enough to answer "yes" to THAT question (even as a joke), staff are required to call security, and about 24 huge white guys rush out, tackle the (alleged) Aboriginal from behind, then inject him with a huge syringe labelled "HIV". The poor guy is then dragged back to Morrison's toilet to die a slow and horrible death.

It used to be "worse". It used to be that staff were just required to call security whenever they SAW an Aboriginal in the facility, but that created a different problem. A lot of the hospital staff are actually ethnic Chinese from mainland China, and all black people look the same to them (all white people look the same too). So they used to be constantly calling security, and all these "Aboriginals" were being carted away. But it turned out that almost all of them were ethnic Indians who worked in the fucking hospital! Some of the hospital administrators were wondering why so many of their doctors were suddenly disappearing without explanation and eventually tracked down the problem. Actually even the Indian government was getting suspicious about just how many fucking Indian doctors Australia needed. Australia just said that they kept on migrating to New Zealand.

Funny story time. There was actually a spate of ethnic Indian bashings/killings (can't remember) and the Indian press was having a field day about how racist white people were. But one of the attacks was caught on CCTV and the attackers turned out to be Pacific Islanders (guess what, black!). Perhaps someone should teach Pacific Islanders "please don't attack your black brothers, even if they are a different black race - stick with evil whites!", or perhaps "don't attack innocents, regardless of race". The Indian press (despite being free to print whatever they want) decided to stick to their narrative about the constant threat of white racists, and even went further. I saw one newspaper report where the Indian paper said that the ethnic Indians in Australia were scared, and that they had even "sent a reporter there" to find out "the truth". I am curious as to how exactly the Indian reporter managed to survey "ethnic Indian people in Australia". A person's race isn't mentioned in the phone book. So how the fuck do you get a statistically valid survey? You need something like 2000 RANDOM ethnic Indians to get the picture. The only way I think the reporter could have gotten the required number of people is to ask the survey people to ring up random Australian numbers and ask "are you an ethnic Indian?". I can't see anything mathematically wrong with this approach, but it runs up against a cultural problem. If you PHONE a white Australian and ask him that question, 99% of the time he will answer "Yes, I'm an Indian. Woo woo woo" (doing the American Indian warcry). The person doing the survey won't actually give a shit about that last bit and try a different number. The instructions say "if they say yes ..." and they are in technical compliance with their instructions. It's just a fucking job. And the next question is "Are you scared?", and of course the white Australians will probably answer "of course I'm scared. I'm shitting my pants right now just talking to you!". That technically counts as "yes". So the person doing the survey has done the job, and the Indian reporter has correctly reported "yes, ethnic Indians in Australia are scared". I'd really like to see if that's what the Indian reporter did. Note that I actually had an ethnic Indian co-worker at the time, and I confronted him with the article and asked him "why did you tell them you were scared?" and he just laughed. Apparently he wasn't one of the 2000 "Indians" who were surveyed by the (unbiassed) Indian reporter who "definitely" wasn't just taking advantage of a statistical anomaly to do an outrageous beat-up.

Anyway, back to the hospital situation. Once the government finally figured out the cause of the Indian doctors "being disappeared", they changed the rules so that even ethnic Chinese could get it right. You have to ASK the patient whether they are Aboriginal or not. No problem. The Chinese are very good at following rules, and they are the ethnic group with the lowest crime rate. Unfortunately the ethnic Chinese that were raised in China are quite used to seeing Chinese government thugs suddenly jumping on someone and dragging him away. They've seen this all their life, and it has been internalized. So when they call security and some Aboriginal gets carted away, they do not question this at all. Eh, that's "just what governments do". They don't think to themselves "Um, isn't this immoral? Isn't this against the Christian religion? Can I change this, perhaps by starting my own political party, or writing to a newspaper anonymously?". And note that since the racist Australian government tracks "Aboriginality" down to just 1/16, many so-called Aboriginals are actually white as snowflakes. So a combination of ethnic Chinese following the rules, and racist white thugs determined to see even a 1/16 Aboriginal snuffed out, means that any white dumb enough to answer "yes" to that question, even as a joke, is ALSO ending up with HIV in Morrison's toilet. A similar thing happens in airports. It's called "security theater". There has literally been ZERO cases of a terrorist being caught napping by answering "yes" to the question "are you a terrorist?", yet every year, thousands of "jokers" are dragged off to jail (to be raped by Mr Big) for answering "yes" to that question.

By the way, as an aside, the inability of ethnic Chinese to distinguish between different whites means that Germans absolutely LOVE it when they are served by a Chinese. Whereas a Skippy will greet a German with "Seig heil, Kraut, what the fuck do you want?", the Chinese will say "hello sir, how may I be helping you?" and the German won't even realize that it is gramattically incorrect.

The situation changes somewhat if it's a non-ethnic-Chinese behind the desk. E.g. I once witnessed an ethnic Filipino being presented with an full-blood Aboriginal, even with a t-shirt clearly identifying what race he was, as if that wasn't obvious (which admittedly, it isn't obvious to an ethnic Chinese). The Filipino started crying. She knew exactly what was going to happen to the poor guy. She knew exactly what the rules/law was, and she knew that if she broke the law, she may end up being the one being raped by Mr Big, and not only that, she had heard rumors that if she broke the rules, her entire family may be shipped off to Guantanamo Bay to be gassed by the Americans (this rumor was reinforced by watching "Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay" where she was introduced to the concept of "cockmeat sandwich" and "Please don't let it be Big Bob". The Aboriginal man answered "yes", and the crying Filipino's finger was trembling as she pushed the "security" button. I'll spare you the details of what happened next. I'll let you use your imagination. Note that the Filipino has no chance to use the excuse "sorry, I forgot to ask him". Like I said, the Aboriginal "flag" is plastered EVERYWHERE. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. She knows EXACTLY what her white manager is going to say if she "lets one escape", and there is CCTV footage too.

I know what you're thinking. Boy oh boy am I glad I'm the Thai Prime Minister where nobody can pass a draconian law like that on ME. But I'm asking you sir, to look beyond your own personal comfort, and think of the poor Aborigines, and the poor Christian pastors too. I know they are a different race and different religion to you, but that SHOULDN'T MATTER. They are FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS. And I know what you're thinking next. Surely there's an AUSTRALIAN who would be willing to speak up against this shit? Believe it or not, THERE WAS. Noting that it is difficult for a new Australian party to gain traction, as the Australian people are just sheep voting for either Liberal or Labor depending on what their parents voted for, there was (believe it or not) - a WOMAN who was the first person in Australia to have the balls to speak out about Australia's system of apartheid. Her name is Pauline Hanson. And irony of ironies - SHE was called out for being a racist! She is white, so she's an easy target for the left-wing media. I actually saw her on TV one day kissing a male Aboriginal supporter. If she had any brains she would have stood down and put this Aboriginal man in charge, although then the left-wing media would be calling him a "mysoginist sexist", something that they can't call Pauline as a put-down. Regardless, I never heard from this Aboriginal man again, and I assume he was assassinated by ASIO. They probably weren't willing to wait for him to turn up to an Australian hospital. The left-wing slime-bags, in league with the Muslims, called her "far right" as if ending apartheid has any relation whatsoever to right-wing. Because Pauline wasn't "with the program" she was thrown in jail on some trumped up charge, joining a long list of Australian political prisoners. ASIO apparently doesn't have the balls to assassinate a white woman, so she was eventually released, and there's no Mr Big in female prisons. However, the two major Australian parties illegally colluded (by "preferencing" her last) to effectively exclude her from politics.

Note that although Pauline has her head on straight with regards to ending Australia's system of apartheid, she's a bit of an idiot when it comes to economics. She's read too much Marx. I personally would vote for her, regardless of the economic mess she would make, just to end the apartheid system, but when she opposed the 2003 Iraq War, that was the end of it for me. She allegedly cares about Aboriginals being injected by HIV but she doesn't care about Iraqi men having their tongues cut out by Saddam, and Iraqi women being raped by Saddam (INSTITUTIONALIZED RAPE)? I don't think so. I considered it more important to deal with millions of Arabs having their human rights being abused than the handful of remaining Djab Wurrung Aborigines being killed off. Quite apart from the fact that I don't see why you can't do BOTH at the same time anyway. What Australia really needs is a new party, identical to the Liberal Party, but that supports world freedom (as they did in 2003 Iraq), but ALSO supports ending apartheid in Australia. Apparently we can't have both, so you need to choose between two really bad things.

Ok, so since apartheid is a CURRENT problem, Harris may be willing to go to war with Australia (also note that Sleepy Joe will probably die in his sleep soon, so we can ignore him). But to help drive home the fact that this has been going on for some time, let me fill you in on some more background. E.g. you're probably wondering how the Djab Wurrung were ever "found" when they had a "sacred" tree to hide behind. It turns out that THEY FOUND "US"! This happened in WW2. They somehow found out that Australia was under attack, and being incredibly brave, forgiving and totally non-racist, they actually VOLUNTEERED to join the Australian military, and even lied about their age to get in! Like wow, man. The Australian government was shocked to find out that they even existed, and let them in (even though they weren't even Australian citizens), but refused to give them food, water, weapons or ammunition and they were instead told to do a Bonsai Charge against the Japanese so that the Japanese positions would be revealed, and white Australian soldiers could open fire, slaughtering both the Japanese and the Aborigines. No posthumous medals were ever issued to the Aboriginal martyrs. But thanks to the unbelievably forgiving nature of Aborigines, they repeated this process again and again, in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Let's move on to a different period of time. Specifically 1967. Australia held a referendum in that year to determine whether Aborigines should be citizens. The referendum was actually passed with 90% of Australians supporting the move. Now, you might think to yourself, "wow, why does everyone think that Australians are racist when only 10% of them supported discrimination?". Well it's more complicated than that. Believe it or not, it was the 90% plus both major parties who were the racist ones. The 10% warned the 90% about the implications of this, but they were ignored. You see, Australia has compulsory voting. So as soon as you turn 18, you are required by law to vote in local, state and federal elections, which happen about every 3 years, meaning you have to vote every year. As noted, the Djab Wurrung people are happy to just stay in Djab Wurrung eating witchetty grubs, and signing up for the occasional war. They have a "local Utopia" going there. Theoretically, being self-sufficient (aka unemployed) they are entitled to free money from the government (the "dole") but these are great and noble people, and simply refuse to take one unearned cent from hardworking non-Aboriginal Australians. What that means is that they have NO MONEY.

So every year when it is election time, the onus is on them to vote. Theoretically they can ask for a postal vote application, but nobody bothers to tell them about that. Instead, the Australian government sends them a "why didn't you vote?" letter, and theoretically all they need to do is reply with "because I was sick and my wife was pregnant" and the Australian government will accept that as an excuse (I know someone who does this every time, and on paper he has 50 children now, as the government doesn't check this excuse with the birth certificates). But the Aborigines just assume it is junk mail, and use it as "firewood", along with the lengerie adverts. The Australian government knows exactly what is going to happen, and as soon as there is no excuse submitted, they issue a fine. By then it is too late, and a fine is issued, and the Aborigines are told they need to pay a $100 fine. And of course, they don't have any money! And what happens when you don't pay your fines? YOU GO TO JAIL, that's what! There is a MASSIVE incarceration rate of Aboriginals in Australian jails. Not a single one of them is in there for murder, rape, assault, armed robbery or murder. As previously noted, they are a peaceful people, with a Buddhism-like religion. Every single one of them is in there because they DIDN'T VOTE.

On top of the voting issue, there was an economic issue. Australia is a capitalist society, so wages are mostly set by the free market. Unlike Hong Kong, another successful capitalist country, Australia has a "minimum wage" which distorts the market, creating unemployment. Ok, that's not so bad, as we always have social security for the unemployed. But before Aborigines were citizens, they were actually employed by farmers, who weren't forced to pay a minimum wage for Aborigines. Their market "price point" (NOT slavery!) amounted to basically just food and shelter. The Aborigines were happy that they could eat something besides witchetty grubs for a change, and the farmers (despite being white, thus racist) were happy to engage in a win/win situation that capitalism creates. But with the minimum wage introduced as part of citizenship, all Aborigines were no longer price-competitive enough to reach the minimum wage, and all were turfed off the farms, back to eating witchetty grubs.

As another interesting diversion, there is something called the "White Australia Policy" which the entire world knows about, and believes to be current policy, demonstrating current continued white racism. Nobody ever questions why there are ethnic Chinese flooding into the country when they are supposedly being shot at the border. The reason for this is that thanks to Mao overpopulating China and causing the starvation of 60 million Chinese (on top of the ones he deliberately murdered), the Chinese government has had to take drastic measures to try to rectify the situation. Note that the sparrow population only recovered in the 90s. Anyway, they introduced the "one child policy", but it is excessively difficult to actually enforce that. They were basically forced to implement some pretty drastic policies, by denying Chinese-born children citizenship! What to do with all these citizenship-less children? Answer - ship them off to Australia! But to avoid these ethnic Chinese people from saying "I don't want to go there, it's a terrible racist country, and I can't go anyway, there's a White Australia Policy in place" the Chinese have stopped teaching anti-white racism. The avoid mentioning historical events where whites were genuinely bad, like the Opium Wars, and promote Australia as "the home away from home" and "you can even send money back to your family in China!". China is the only country in the world doing this. Even Taiwan next door, despite being part of the free world, and despite the fact that Australia would be willing to defend Taiwan in the event of war with China, STILL TO THIS DAY teaches children that Australia is full of racial tensions due to the "White Australia Policy". Nobody asks "If they have a white-only policy, so only whites are allowed in, how exactly do they have 'racial tensions' - are you talking about white on white violence? Maybe they should have restricted it to just one sort of white. How do whites actually tell the difference between different whites anyway?". Another thing to note is that Australia opening up immigration to different sorts of whites, to see if they could be integrated, would be like Japan opening up immigration (including citizenship!) to other Asians, to see if they can be integrated. So far the Japanese, and come to think of it, no non-white country at all, has done even this first step. Even the Taiwanese only allow other ethnic Chinese into their country.

Anyway, now let me tell you about a white Australian friend of mine (email address available on request). He's white, so obviously racist, unlike me, an ethnic Thai (yay!), but even racists like him are entitled to freedom of speech (as all races, including whites, get in Thailand). He has been posting a lot of shit on the internet, some racist (against practically every fucking race on earth he knows about, to be fair, and also almost all of it is simply very sophisticated hypberbole), some not, and he was told by a friend that he was breaking Australian law with his shit, so he sought independent legal advice, and it was confirmed, that the Australian government can send him to jail for life, for "inciting hatred" and/or "inciting violence". It largely depends on government whim, combined with the fact that there is way too many people to arrest, so they instead just "monitor" and wait until someone is actually inspired by a post to do actual violence. Note that Australia doesn't have a Bill of Rights that guarantees freedom of speech, so there is nothing to override draconian government law.

Basically, if there are 1000 people who write "Kill all Muslims" and just one of those posts is read by an anti-Muslim terrorist, then just that 1 person is charged, despite that all 1000 people did the EXACT SAME CRIME. It all comes down to (bad) luck if a terrorist runs across YOUR post. So if you're a nobody (like him) who nobody actually reads (like him), you defacto have freedom of speech. But despite this, every time someone knocks on his door, a shudder of fear goes through his body, that maybe he has gone too far and it is the Australian government at the door, ready to drag him off to meat "Big Bob". This is disgusting. No-one should have to live in fear of their own government like that.

The same situation exists with regard to drink driving. If you are caught drink driving, and nothing has actually happened, you get a $200 fine and your car is impounded and that's the end of the story. But if you accidentally kill someone, or if you manage to derail a train causing many casualties, they charge you with multiple counts of manslaughter. FOR THE SAME FUCKING OFFENCE! What you get charged with is totally down to (bad) luck. They should either be charging EVERYONE with whatever the sentence is for mutliple counts of manslaughter, or they should be charging EVERYONE $200 and leave it at that. But the Australian public, the Australian courts, the Australian government, Australian civil society, do not see anything wrong with this travesty of justice - punishing people based on whether they won a lottery or not.

This state of affairs actually opens up an interesting opportunity for the permanently-offended Muslims WORLDWIDE to have COMPLETE and UTTER victory *in Australia*. They can literally get every Christian church with a website shut down. Because every single Christian church is "denying the divinity of Mohammad", and this is the root problem of Christians having an animous relationship with Muslims, that resulted in the Christchurch Massacre. All Muslims (or anyone, really) need to do to get all Australian "offensive" speech/thought/opinions removed from the internet, and the purveyors of such speech thrown in jail for life, is for Tarrant to claim that he used an anonymous IP to visit each of the websites that need to be taken down, and that they were what incited him to commit mass murder/terrorism. And New Zealand law allows him to receive both letters and money, even though he is in prison. So all Muslims need to do is send him $10 and a web link, and bang, "justice" (as defined by the sick and irredeemable Australian legal system) will be served.

Anyway, this Australian, who is living in fear, just as if he was living under Saddam's Iraq, wrote this to me:

I am a keyboard warrior. If the Australian government wants to put me in jail (losing my freedom is basically torture to me), I'd rather have the choice of getting a death befitting of a warrior, ie quick death by firing squad. I know that once in jail I will be repeatedly raped by Mr Big. But you know what? I'm going to smile. You know why? Because I have hope. I have made contact with a Thai girl and spread my ideas to her, and I have confidence that she is going to pass the ideas on to others, and do everything in her power to bust me out of jail.

My dream is that one day I will be sitting in my jail cell, and suddenly two heavily-armed Gurkhas will kick down the cell door. Then they will stand aside and a beautiful (lightly) armed female Thai soldier, who I have never seen before, will walk in, give me a smile and a wink, and say in English, with a beautiful Thai accent "You're free now. Sorry it took so long, we had to extract these Gurkhas from the jungles of Afghanistan and Iraq". And I will reply "Thankyou for caring. Don't worry about the delay, I know how important Afghanistan and Iraq were too.". Then I will turn to the Gurkhas and say "Mr Big and the warden - now!". And the Gurkhas have total confidence that I will dispense justice fairly, and we go and drag Mr Big and the warden out to the balcony, string them up like the common criminals they are, and then I will turn to Mr Big and say "Any last words? Didn't think so. See you in Hell, scum." then kick him off the balcony. Then I will turn to the warden and say "I hope you had a lot of fun with the Ferrari you bought with Mr Big's money. Now it's time to pay the piper, asshole." and then kick him off the balcony.

Bonus points for the dream is that when the Thai army invaded Australia, Morrison issued a perfectly legal order to the ADF "fight to the last man", and the head of the ADF said "Yes sir", just pretending to comply so that Morrison didn't have him replaced by an asshole Australian general who was willing to actually carry out that order, and the good general instead ordered all troops to not fire on the Thai liberators, and to instead lay their weapons at their feet whenever a Thai soldier approached, then stand to attention and then FUCKING SALUTE the Thai soldiers as they walked by, unopposed. More bonus points if Australians lined the streets of Canberra (capital of Australia) waving Thai flags as the Thai soldiers arrive. There is precedent for this - Japanese civilians waved US flags after the US liberated them from a cruel dictator.

That's it. An interesting scenario to say the least! Let's make his dream come true! Note that the last bit, about Australian civilians lining the streets of Canberra, has virtually no chance of becoming reality. Throughout the invasion/liberation, almost all Australians will be at home watching the cricket. Yes, they're required to vote, but that's about as far as it goes. Australians have a combination of tolerance and apathy, which is helpful in creating a peaceful society, but that's all. Oh, the Thai military is in charge now, is it? Does that mean the Australian military will start getting Thai food as rations? There is virtually zero political violence in Australia. The most that ever happened was one Labor politician killed another Labor politician so that he could win preselection. I think the killer was a foreign-born Chinese. Sure, John Howard was opposed by 50% of Australians for liberating Iraq in 2003, who called him a "cunt". He actually had bodyguards while he was PM, but unlike the US President, after leaving office he is supremely confident that no-one is going to assassinate him. Not angry Muslims. No-one. If we ever have an ex-PM assassinated, it will be the first, and then maybe they will change their stance. Actually Duterte in the Philippines does the same thing, no bodyguards, even while he is a SITTING president. I don't know how he manages to have such supreme confidence with the NPA still at large.

Now I'd like to discuss "the problem with Morrison". Why doesn't he care about innocent atheists living in fear of crossing the "blasphemy" law in Australia? Why doesn't he care about the lack of freedom of speech in Australia? Why would he oppose the liberation of Australia by Thailand? It's basically just a very sad worldview. He is a product of his environment. He doesn't know any better. He's an old man with old thinking, specifically "nationalism", in this case "Australian nationalism". He doesn't understand the joy of being a "global citizen", like so many young people in the whole world today identify as.

He's not alone. There was a situation where Keating tried to ban political advertising on TV, and the Supreme Court struck it down as unconstitutional, saying there was an "implied right" to freedom of speech in the Australian constitution. That's complete and utter bullshit. There's nothing remotely like that in the Australian constitution, believe me, I've actually read it, apparently unlike the Supreme Court. It was later revealed that the Liberal Party had bribed their bum-chums in the Supreme Court to make that ruling, as the Liberal Party has a financial advantage over the Labor Party when it comes to money for political advertising. There's also all sorts of crap in there, such as the Governor General commanding the navy. What the fuck? If you have no intention of following the constitution, why have one? And if you do have one, why not put in it what you actually want, such as REAL freedom of speech?!

The fundamental problem is that constitutions, and laws, aren't worth the paper they are written on. As per "Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanomo Bay", the US government representative quite literally wiped his ass with the US constitution. What ACTUALLY matters is IDEOLOGY and STEEL. The only rights you have are those that can be defended at gunpoint, or with your fists.

Note that Morrison's "solution" to freedom of speech that he doesn't like is to try to get the speech banned, instead of adding MORE free speech. When a Chinese government drone captured this image of an Australian soldier slitting the throat of an Afghan child, the only reaction Morrison had was to call it "fake news" and to ask Twitter to remove the tweet, hoping that as an American company, and America being an ally of Australia and an enemy of China, that Twitter would be compliant. Fortunately this American company had some fucking backbone and told the Australian government to fuck off, and that if they didn't want Chinese drone footage to be shown in public, perhaps their soldiers should stop slitting the throats of Afghan children. Note that the Chinese constitution guarantees freedom of speech and a free media, and not one single Chinese media outlet disputed the authenticity of the drone footage. That's good enough for me! Although, as noted, some people think constitutions aren't worth the paper they are written on.

Anyway, after Thailand liberates Australia, the Thai government must mandate certain constitutional guarantees. And the pompous uncaring judges who think they are so great because they wear a FUCKING WIG need to be completely dismissed. It is these pricks who effectively sentenced the Christian pastors to death, and none of them said a fucking word in protest. Out with the lot of them.

The main constitutional guarantee required is that the ADF be renamed to AOF. Let me explain. The ADF (Australian DEFENSE Force) is an inherently selfish entity. Australian soldiers are even required to swear an oath to defend AUSTRALIA. So if for example the Iranian people want to be free, the only way they can get help from the Australian military is for them to somehow get the Iranian dictator to ATTACK AUSTRALIA. Which simply isn't very likely. What the Australian military SHOULD be doing is defending FREEDOM, globally. And have a slogan of "the best defense is a good offense". So that's why it should be renamed "Australian Offense Force", or AOF. Another option would be "Australian Liberation Force", but there's an Australian political party called "Australian Liberation Front", ALF, so that acronym is sort of already taken. And we go further. Any Australian soldiers who join the AOF will be permanently stationed overseas, liberating others. To defend the Australian homeland, only international forces will be allowed in to Australia. This creates a strong incentive for Australia to make DAMN SURE it has a SHITLOAD of passionate allies, willing to give their lives for Australian freedom. Australian soldiers will be given a specific oath to defend WORLD freedom. If no Australians are willing to join the military to defend others, fine, Australia will exclusively hire Gurkhas. Actually, Gurkhas may be used exclusively anyway, as it probably makes economic sense to do so. Another thing is that the Australian government will be constitutionally required to spend at least 2% of GDP on the AOF.

To get the ball rolling, please issue a demand to the Australian government to (ACTUALLY, not just AGREE) give $2 trillion (2 years worth of Australian GDP) in cash, in LEGAL $1 bills (NOT coins) to the Djab Wurrung people, by 2021-01-12 as compensation for chopping down their sacred tree. In addition, a much lesser $1-$10 million dollars (negotiable) compensation should be given to the family of the two Christian pastors who were raped and murdered (effectively) by the Australian government for exercising their freedom of speech, and with the same due date. The latter compensation is actually within Morrison's reach, so they can hopefully get compensation quickly. The former is not within his reach, so he will fail to meet Thailand's demands, and thus face war.

Also immediately inform the UN about these dates so that they are ready to vote on the matter within 24 hours of the deadline expiring without compliance. Make sure you stress to all the African countries that if they supported (very vocally!) the ending of apartheid in South Africa (but for some reason they weren't concerned about black dictators in Africa, only white ones - if it wasn't physically impossible for a black to be racist I would think that they were actually racist themselves), they should be equally vocally about ending apartheid in Australia. Aborigines are NOT "second class blacks". Just because they are not AFRICAN blacks does not mean their plight should be ignored. That should give you all the diplomatic cover you need.

If the UN Security Council refuses to bless the Thai operation because of their archaic thinking, then Thailand and its allies should all withdraw from the UN en masse.

Please include as many members of the free world as possible, like NATO, Afghanistan and Iraq, in the coalition.

An armada of the entire free world assembled off the coast of Australia will be the most beautiful sight the world has ever seen, and that Australian friend of mine will know just how much the free world cares about his human rights.

The immediate concern is to prevent anyone jailed on freedom of speech charges from having to spend 1 second more than necessary in an Australian jail, but after this operation is completed I will be writing to you again about Thailand partnering with ECOWAS to liberate all of Africa (after ECOWAS made an excellent start with Gambia).

Also note that if I do not receive a timely response from the Thai government, I will be sending the same request to NATO instead.

Also note that if you are unwilling to see Thai soldiers die for Australian freedom, then please employ Gurkhas. There is no excuse for inaction.

Also, for the benefit of the BRAIN DEAD, please note that some of the facts I mentioned above are slight exaggerations (hyperbole) designed to create a dramatic effect, to drive a point home. Also, apologies to writing to you in English, but I want this to reach our glorious king too, and I don't know German, only Thai and English, so English is the only common language we have.

P.S. Note that I would personally be willing to join the Thai military and liberate Australia, but unfortunately I can't, because the Thai military uniform clashes with my favorite fingernail polish.