Open letter to Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia
From: Paul Edwards, Chairman of Liberators Without Borders
Date: 2020-12-26

Dear Mr Morrison.

You probably don't know me, but I'm an Australian taxpayer, meaning I pay you so you work for me.

Here is what I would like you to do.

As per this report: brave Thai protesters are facing more than a decade in prison for exercising their freedom of speech.

This cannot stand.

Please organize ANZUS to go and wage a war of liberation in Thailand immediately, and let the protesters write a constitution that protects their human rights once and for all.

If the UN Security Council refuses to bless the ANZUS operation because of their archaic thinking, then ANZUS members should all withdraw from the UN en masse.

Please include other non-ANZUS members of the free world, like NATO, Afghanistan and Iraq, in the coalition.

An armada of the entire free world assembled off the coast of Thailand will be the most beautiful sight the world has ever seen, and that Thai girl will know just how much the free world cares about her human rights.

The immediate concern is to prevent any of those protesters from having to spend 1 second more than necessary in a Thai jail, but after this operation is completed I will be writing to you again about ANZUS partnering with ECOWAS to liberate all of Africa (after ECOWAS made an excellent start with Gambia).

Also note that if we do not receive a timely response from ANZUS we will be sending the same request to NATO instead.

Also note that if you are unwilling to see ANZUS soldiers die for Thai freedom, then please employ Gurkhas. There is no excuse for inaction.