Open letter to Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia
From: Paul Edwards, Chairman of Liberators Without Borders
Date: 2021-01-11

Dear Mr Morrison.

You probably don't know me, but I'm an Australian taxpayer, meaning I pay you so you work for me.

Here is what I would like you to do.

I recently wrote to you with this. In it I asked for a war of liberation in Thailand. I'd now like to formally rescind this request.

The reason is that I have had further (private) conversations, which led me to realize that a majority of Thai people may not have actually supported the 2003 Iraq War which the Thai government bravely and morally participated in. If Thailand becomes a full democracy, we may replace an allied semi-dictatorship with a democratic ideological enemy. The same would happen if we were to liberate Saudi Arabia. This is WAY too dangerous in today's world, where we still have undefeated enemy governments. Note that the Thai people may even democratically elect communists. It's unclear what is truly locked in their brains.

Please switch focus to Iran instead. Work with the incoming Biden administration to liberate Iran by force of arms. I have seen evidence from Iran (even opinion polls) showing that the majority of the Iranian people wish to have an external military intervention. Please stress to the Biden administration that the downing of the US drone in international airspace provides a casus belli, and there is no statute of limitations on casus bellis. Please launch a war on 2021-01-20. There is absolutely no reason to delay. Trump is a stupid nationalist who doesn't care either about freeing the Iranian people OR taking down enemy governments. All the Republicans seem to be interested in is getting the Iranian dictator banned from Twitter.

Obviously Australia and the US should assemble the widest possible coalition-of-the-willing and include absolutely anyone in the coalition, even dictators like China if they're willing. And obviously we would LOVE to see brave Thai soldiers involved again in kicking down the Ayatollah's door.