Welcome to the website of Liberators Without Borders. We are an international organization based in Sydney, Australia, dedicated to liberating the world as quickly as possible using direct military action which we consider to be the most effective form of foreign aid available.

Before anyone asks "why not use diplomacy?", let it be clear that our organization is willing to wait 30 (THIRTY) minutes for any dictator to stand down in favor of democracy before beginning air strikes. If you think more than 30 minutes is required, then we suggest you get busy writing to all the dictators of the world to stand down, before our forces arrive. You're on notice. Also, we don't believe in the use of economic sanctions which are ineffective and just make the population suffer. You can find out more about our worldview here.

Funding. Ok, so although wars are effective, they're not free. We aim to reduce the cost of war by spreading the costs over the entire free world, plus by using a "light touch" as seen in Libya in 2011. Unlike Libya, we are prepared to turn up a second time if there is further conflict, which will look more like the Philippines in 1989 where the US Air Force merely needed to buzz some Philippines Air Force bases to put down an attempted military coup. Since we don't have direct control over the forces of the free world, we could theoretically have a "DONATE" button and attempt to build our own aircraft carrier and employ Gurkhas to go into the target country. However, even in the US, citizens are not even allowed to own RPGs, nevermind aircraft carriers. In Australia, the restrictions are even tighter. Without safe harbor, and without funding to build our own aircraft carrier, we cannot do any more than lobby governments of the free world (any government) to use their own military. If a government offers to liberate someone, but is baulking because of the cost, we will ask the government to provide bank account details and call on supporters to make donations directly to the government in question. Note that Ukraine did something similar when it was fighting Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine.

Note that we expect all money to be spent on the marginal costs of war, specifically smart bombs and Gurkhas, not fixed costs like aircraft carriers, which the governments were funding for their own purposes already. On the subject of aircraft carriers, the only members of the free world who actually have aircraft carriers are France, India, Italy, Spain, UK and US. We expect to get citizens of all these countries to lobby their governments to take unilateral action, especially by creating a coalition of the willing.

In order to shut down complaints from citizens along the lines of "why should even one of our soldiers die for the freedom of xyz country?", where "xyz" may be a country no-one has even heard of, like Laos, we are going to encourage free world governments to reorganize their militaries so that there is always a Gurkha contingent available to be deployed on the ground. This does not apply to the operators of aircraft carriers or pilots, which would remain under control of free world nationals. Note that this is not a reflection on the bravery or morality of the free world soldiers themselves, who are more than willing to give their lives for the freedom of others, as seen here. This is purely to take care of selfish, hypocritical members of the free world who have no problem with foreigners giving blood and treasure for their freedom, but are reluctant to pay the favor forward.

As 2020 draws to a close, there are two countries of particular interest - Thailand and Iran. Iran is the most strategic target. It has a dictator with an official slogan of "Death to USA", it is developing nuclear weapons, it has a truly cruel (to its own population) government, including institutionalized rape (where are western feminists when you need them? Oh, that's right, too busy complaining that western women earn 0.00001% less than their male counterparts). The government is also peddling (by force) an alternate ideology of "rule by Islamic clerics" which needs to be eliminated as part of the response to 9/11. And it has a population desperate to rise up against the dictator, but faces the technically impossible task of defeating cruel men with automatic weapons (think what happened in WW1 when *armed soldiers* attempted to charge against machine guns again and again and again). Thailand on the other hand is a target of opportunity. It is very hard for the anti-war to argue against liberating Thailand on the basis of "no war for oil", because Thailand doesn't have any oil, just coconuts. And the Thai people are *already* on the streets, facing 15 years in jail for the "crime" of rising up to demand freedom of speech. This girl has the perfect optics. Liberating either country would be fine, or even liberating some other country would be fine. So long as the forces of the free world are constantly at war, working at maximum capacity.

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